By Kieran Webber

Oslo five-piece Dråpe (pronounced ‘Draw-peh’) have established themselves as one of Scandinavia’s most exciting young bands since their unanimously acclaimed “Dråpe EP” was released in 2011, impressing furthermore with the release of their debut album “Canicular Days” in April 2013.

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And now with the release of their latest LP “Relax/Relapse” the band have really outdone themselves, but I feel that this is only the beginning of something beautiful. Im guessing they have big plans as I tried to sneak us an exlusive to as what they have planned for the future but they did not answer, which I personally find very exciting.

We spoke to Dråpe about their new album and their other artistic pursuits.

1. The album is focused around failure and success and how they both almost work together (That was my interpretation) was this relevant through the creative process of the album and how so?

The feeling of hitting rock bottom has definitely been something that has influenced a lot of the writing. I tend to embrace contrast when I’m writing. It kind of makes me believe that everything will work out somehow. I think this album represents this.

2. Does your location have an influence on your music?

Well yes, at least sometimes. It’s satisfying to connect our music or the music we listen to with a special place, neighbourhood, environments, like a little street or a corner we almost see every day.

3. Explain to us what it is like to live somewhere as beautiful as Norway?

To live in a country where everybody got big TVs, trendy kitchen gadgets and several cars is quite fascinating..

4. Why was it that you decided to move to Oslo?

We moved to Oslo simply because the place we grew up is a small town with very few musicians and those who were active either played Christian rock metal, or didn’t want to make the sacrifices you have to if you’re ever gonna succeed as a musician to day. We had a lot of fun playing just the two of us, but we wanted to start a band with other people influenced by the same music as ourselves and that’s why moving to a bigger city was our only option.

“We played on a tiny island outside the coast of southern norway this summer. It was wild and beautiful, so we camped with the band’s own lavvu, swimmed next morning and ate a good cake before the show”

5. Musically what would your individual influences be ?

As a teenager I was a huge fan of Radiohead and Thom Yorke has been essential for how I do my vocals. At one point in my life I probably spent at least five hours a day just making shitty cover versions of their songs in a shed we had in our back yard. This was/is probably the foundation of our androgynous vocal sound – Ketil.

6. Do you feel that each of you gets to add their own influence to the overall music?

Yes, we are five creative souls who like to add our own ingredients into the big soup of sound.

7. Do you have a specific routine or way you like to write your music or is it pretty free flowing?

It’s kind of free flowing and very different from song to song. We don’t have any routines or anything, we make music whenever we have the time or when an idea pops into our minds.

8. Out of all your live shows is there a stand out one? 

We played on a tiny island outside the coast of southern norway this summer. It was wild and beautiful, so we camped with the band’s own lavvu, swimmed next morning and ate a good cake before the show.

9. What is it about performing live that as artists draws you?

It´s all about the feeling man, and the audience who comes there and enjoy your music. It makes us smile and giggle. Playing live and having a huge show and tell really feels like the right thing to do for us.

10. A lot of the band’s imagery seems to carry a mood and vibe is this essential to the band’s aesthetic?

Yes, our bass player Lars actually makes the album-covers and takes our band pictures, together with Even who is a film director. Lot of money saved from all of this, but most important that it’s more likely distinctive.