By Kieran Webber

The first time Kimbo Nice found themselves on our radar was through their single ‘J-Wavey’, a mellow, sunshine drenched summer track that was oozing in cool. It was a great introduction into their laid back sound and had us hooked. We wanted to find out more about the Bristol based band, their influences and what makes them tick!

Kieran: Thanks very much for taking the time to answer our questions! How have you all been and what have you been up to? 

Kimbo: We’ve all been well, Ali had a filling, Oly got his bike fixed, James worked in the rain and saw a dead cow, and Taryn is recovering from a Monday night house party.

Kieran: Some of you are from Cornwall but now you all reside in Bristol, what made you make the move? 

Kimbo: All of us were actually in Bristol because of uni. Bristol seems to be the next step up from a lot of our hometowns. We’re very pleased we all decided to head this way.

Kieran: What’s your favorite thing about Bristol?

Kimbo: Our favourite thing about Bristol is Isaac Hogan. As well as the creative scene, the skate scene and definitely the music scene.

Kieran: How did you all meet and at what point did you all decide to start making music? 

Kimbo: Ali and James used to play together as a duo, James wanted to start a band so we did. Oly came in through our old drummer Max (big up) and then Max left to travel the world, so T-Mobile was picked up and is a great network provider. We started with Max around a year and a bit ago and have been jamming with T for about 9 months.

“Our sound is continuously changing the more we play together”

Kimbo Nice

Kieran: Did you have an idea of your sound or was it something that developed naturally? 

Kimbo: Definitely developed naturally. It kind of just fell into place after a while. I think it has come this way from our bluesy chord choices and our bass driven lead melodies. But our sound is continuously changing the more we play together.

Kieran: Do you all have similar influences or does it vary? How does this affect Kimbo Nice?

Kimbo: It varies, recently Oly found his love for 21 Savage and Taryn has discovered a passion for 18th Century Baroque Romance music. But we’re not really sure any of that fits into our sound. We have all slightly varied tastes as well as loving the same bands e.g. The Growlers, Modern Lovers, Steve Lacy, Baxter Drury and Jackie Moonbather

Kieran: How did you come up with the band name? 

Kimbo: We chose it on our first practise actually. Oly has a list of loads of band names on his phone and Kimbo Nice came right after The Milfy Way.

Kieran: When writing your music where do you take influence? 

Kimbo: We guess it has come from what we have been listening to subconsciously. Usually we just jam a few chords, drink a few beers and it just kind of clicks.

“Oly has a list of loads of band names on his phone and Kimbo Nice came right after The Milfy Way”

Kmbo Nice

Kieran: Can you list 5 things that annoy you and five things you love?

Kimbo: Five things we hate — Cheap Ketchup, Love Island, Toothache, Socks without elastic, irrational fear of the number five.

Five things we love —  Fruit and veggies, Tinnies, Skateboarding, Katie Pham and The Moonbathers, the game Odds On.

Kieran: Lastly, we like to finish on a story, can you tell us something weird, funny or gnarly that has ever happened to you? 

Kimbo: We once played our mates house party and Ali ended up getting crowd surfed across lounge. We never saw him again. Another one involving Ali was when we played Manor Farm festival and Ali bought 2 bottles Irish cream as a gift for the hosts, but he ended up drinking them both in a half an hour set, so you can guess that didn’t end well.

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