Words and Photography by Em Marcovecchio

Lauran Hibberd is currently taking the music world by storm, helping to birth that of the new glam indie/rock era of music.  Meeting and chatting to Lauran at her show in Brighton, I can confirm she is such a wonderful and lovely human being. Her storytelling skills are humorous and her songs will be whirling around your head for days. Originally from The Isle of Wight, Lauran is currently on tour with US legends Hippo Campus.  After finishing the UK stint they have headed to Europe for a further series of dates, beginning in Brussels and ending in Hamburg. Lauran’s set at Concorde 2 was simply mesmerising; after spending the evening laughing and chatting away this interview came to life.

Em: Was there a point where you realised things were bigger than you thought?  A turning point as such.

Lauran: I feel my turning point musically was releasing ‘Call Shotgun’. It was the first song I put out that I felt truly signified what I wanted to sound like and who I wanted to be as an artist. That was in June last year, and within the month it had been supported heavily by Spotify, and was track of the week for BBC Introducing on Radio 1. I remember running down my road when I found that out because I was so happy and didn’t know what to do with myself. I think that gave me the confidence to be braver sonically and I feel like I’ve really stamped on the personality within my tracks now.

Listen to ‘Call Shotgun’ here:


Em: What is your favourite snack whilst on the go in the van?

Lauran: Jaffa cakes!!

Em: How is touring with three male band members? Do they smell?

Lauran: It’s fun!! They’re all good dudes really, we have a laugh. I certainly feel enlightened by the male brain. After gigs, there’s a scent for sure. But hotels have showers and they do use them so we are all good! Haha.

Em: Vinyl or CD? Favourite at the moment whilst driving?

Lauran: I’m a sucker for a vinyl, I love putting a record on. I love the responsibility of looking after it as well. It’s a really personable way to listen to music. At the moment, I’m super into ‘Better Oblivion Community Center’ which is Phoebe Bridgers new band with Conor Oberst. It’s so good for driving, and lyrically it’s just like the open world game of writing.

Em: What city are you most excited for in Europe?

Lauran: Berlin! So many people have said how incredible it is, so I’m super excited for that.

Lauran Hibberd heads back to the UK to play a whirlwind of dates on her first headline tour in May, as well as a numerous amount of festivals this Summer. Catch her at the following if you want to be thrown into a delightful new world:

21stMay: The Joiners, Southampton

22ndMay: Jimmys, Manchester

23rdMay: The Lexington, London

Follow Lauran on her journey here:




Live Gallery from her Brighton Show supporting Hippo Campus

By Em Marcovecchio

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