By Kieran Webber

Brighton is home to an incredibly vibrant creative community that is as broad as it is unique. It’s a melting pot of cultures, sounds and people and one band that represents this is newly formed MOTH. Their sound dances elegantly through a variety of genres with its roots being in reggae and psychedlia. Their intriguing sound is nothing short of alluring, drawing the listener in with sharp vocals and a deep bassline.

Listen to ‘Thirst’ here:

Their latest single ‘Thirst’ is no exception and is an an exciting, sultry barrage that has us hooked. With the single fresh in our minds we were eager to find out more about them and their music.

Kieran: Thanks very much for taking the time to answer our questions, how are you? Did you enjoy the holiday season?

MOTH: It’s our pleasure! Yeah we are great, always good to have a little bit of time off to see family, but happy to be back to normality now!

Kieran: So how did you guys meet and at what point did you decide to start making music?

MOTH: It was all a bit of a fluke really. So Joel (Vocals/Guitar) and Jaz (Guitar) used to live in the same building and started jamming together. Through mutual friends, the original lineup was formed and then Fraser joined a month or two later. He happened to work with Jaz at a pub in town, so it all fell together pretty nicely.

Kieran: Did you have any particular artists that you drew influence from? If so who and why?

MOTH: There’s so many! We all have very different musical backgrounds, for example Fraser has always played sax in jazz bands and Jaz is ironically a blues guitarist! Collectively, we all love bands like Sticky Fingers and Easy Life. That sort of mellow sound you can listen to all day.

Kieran: What was the recording process behind your debut single ‘Thirst’?

MOTH: We had the song written and ready for ages and then finally got into the studio in about September. The recording of Thirst is super special to look back on as it’s the only recording that Joe played on before he passed away.

Kieran: What is life like as a band in Brighton?

MOTH: It’s incredible to be able to play the famous venues here and to see all your heroes on your doorstep! It’s an expensive place to live, though, so we all have jobs too. Getting together for rehearsals tends to be a pain in the ass!


“It’s incredible to be able to play the famous venues here and to see all your heroes on your doorstep”


Kieran: Why do you feel so many creatives are drawn there?

MOTH: It’s really one of those city’s where anything creative or musical or visual is really praised and accepted. There are so many great street artists here and some of the best buskers I’ve ever seen! It’s just somewhere that anyone creative can feel supported I guess.

Kieran: Do you think much will change for bands and the arts post-Brexit?

MOTH: The dreaded question! Hopefully not much, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there are visas brought in, which would likely add an extra cost to touring in Europe. If we can keep it to that then I’m happy. Well as happy as can be in the situation, haha!

Kieran: Brighton (and the whole country) has been struck by a wave of venue closures why do you think this is and how can artists and audiences combat this?

MOTH: It’s a difficult one, it seems that there are a few problems nationwide which are contributing. Particularly in Brighton, a big issue is the cost of business rates. Because they’re so high, grassroots venues tend to struggle to stay afloat and certainly struggle to profit. I know that other places have seen issues with tenants living near venues and complaining about noise levels. Frankly, those people can get in the sea.


“Tenants living near venues and complaining about noise levels. Frankly, those people can get in the sea”



Kieran: Is it something that has affected you as a band?

MOTH: Yeah, you could say that! Sticky Miles closed its doors. That was where we played our first ever gig and it’s where we played our latest Brighton gig, back in November.

Kieran: What can one expect from one of your live performances?

MOTH: We tend to have a pretty broad set, lots of styles, lots of genres. It’s always good fun and everyone can have a sing-a-long, even if they’ve never seen us before!

Kieran: Can we expect an LP in 2019?

MOTH: Never say never! We are mainly working on singles at the minute and plan to for the rest of 2019. If something big happens to change then you never know!

Kieran: Lastly, we like to end on a story so if you can could you tell us something weird, funny or gnarly that has happened to you?

Moth: Many, many stories… The highlight has to be the pissleaf. So we were at this house party on Halloween, all out in the garden having a cigarette. Joel decides to turn and take a piss in the bush (as ya do). A couple minutes later, Josh (our manager) picks a leaf from the plant that Joel has just pissed on, lifts it up in the air and dangles it above Jaz’s head. Jaz has no idea that the leaf is soaked in piss and opens his mouth, inviting Josh to dunk the leaf into his mouth. Jaz ate the leaf. Jaz ate pissleaf. Jaz got pretty mad. How’s that for gnarly?

Kieran: Wow, that is pretty rough haha! Well, thanks for taking the time chat with us!

MOTH: Thanks for having us guys! Joel, Jaz, Ginge, Matt, Fraser x

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