Alysa O'Connor
Alysa O’Connor

You’ll find her behind the lens at live music events, or expanding her ever-growing plant family.

After the release of her latest single ‘Our Love’, we were eager to find out more about the emerging and ever-talented NUUXS. Her blend of Alt-pop and soaring vocals makes for a unique and entertaining listen, it’s explorative music that is wildly infectious. We recently caught up with her to chat about the future of her music, the forthcoming album, and an inside scoop on her favourite artists at the moment.

Alysa: Your latest single ‘Our Love’ is the fifth track you’ve shared from your upcoming debut album. How has the response been so far?

NUUXS: It has been great and more than I could ask for! It was a whole weekend before I knew it had been added to Roisin ‘O Connors playlist on The Independent “Hear Now”. Still so chuffed about it, I’ve also had radio play from Neil March on Exile FM and Platinum Mind who are really getting behind it all.

Alysa: There’s an almost darkness that I sense on the new track ‘Our Love’ that I haven’t noticed before, an underworldly vibe. I love it. This track is a little different from the others. Did you notice a difference in the creation of Our Love compared to others?

NUUXS: It’s definitely more sensual, velvety but there is a sense of despair in the fact that “you’ve been down this road before” perhaps a promise not yet fulfilled?

Listen to the new single ‘Our Love’ here:

Alysa: Is this a sound we can expect more of moving forward?

NUUXS: Definitely, however, I’m always experimenting so expect a lot more other things too.

Alysa: The album release is almost here! Are you as excited as we are?

NUUXS: So excited! I want to throw a party when it’s out and dance, sing, celebrate with all my loves.

Alysa: I understand you’ve been writing songs since around 15, having written for various MCs and more recently co-writing with Major Lazer on their track ‘Tied Up’. It’s safe to say you have lots of experience with lyrics and it shows in your work. Do you have any favorite lyrics from ‘Our Love’? Where did they come from?

NUUXS: “Your hand is holding mine, shiver. Your lips press on to mine. Breathe, breathe breathe.” I also love the opening line “You’ve been down this road before, blue sapphire, I’ve known it all along.” It’s direct and has so many inside meanings.

Alysa: The emotions that come from your lyrics feel so passionate and personal, do you find music is a therapeutic outlet for you/experiences you’ve had?

NUUXS: I think everything we do is an outlet, if we go for a walk, paint, cook, talk to someone we love it becomes a sort of therapy by letting it out. By singing, I feel if I say it it isn’t so scary and stuck in my mind. It’s out and exposed.

I think everything we do is an outlet, if we go for a walk, paint, cook, talk to someone we love it becomes a sort of therapy by letting it out”


Alysa: Now, let’s focus on the future. What are you most excited about this year?

NUUXS: I can’t wait to share more music videos and singles up to the release of the debut album “Heirloom”. I can’t wait to sing for everyone and immerse myself in the experience of performing again. I miss sharing moments with people.

Alysa: Now the last year has seen us all have a massive shift in mentality. Is there one piece of advice you were given/told yourself that got you through tough times?

NUUXS: Nothing specific, we can all feel differently at any given moment. Sometimes all I want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch a movie, or sometimes I’ll want to tackle a very complicated recipe just to feel like I’ve gone out to a restaurant. Whatever it is we’re allowed to go with the flow in these times but remind yourself that variety, is key- do a different workout, even when you don’t want to. If you try your hardest, at least you can say you tried.

Alysa: Do you have any artists you can’t stop listening to? Who should we be keeping our eye on in 2021?

NUUXS: I really love Sir Was, Fifi Rong, J Warner, and Billy Lockett of course.

Alysa: We can’t wait to hear more from you in the future and wish you the best with this next year. We know you’ll be achieving so much and can’t wait to see it!