Music | Interview | Pet Sun


By Kieran Webber

We have a drink in Cornwall called a ‘Dark and Stormy’ a mix of spiced rum and ginger ale, a drink as moody as it is punchy and you are always guaranteed to have a wild time.

Pet Sun are very much like this drink they are dark, heavy and always provide the highest quality of entertainment.

We caught up with the Canadian shredders to talk business.


So how did you guys meet and why did you form a band?

Stephane and Parth met at elementary school when they were youngsters. And then I met those guys in high school. At that time, we were all obsessed with music. Whether it be Led Zeppelin, The Libertines, The Vines or The Strokes. We never all played in a band together in high school but all played instruments. Then we all went off to university.

Stephane met Nic at Concordia in Montreal and they were buds instantly. Then Stpehane and Parth starting jamming under the name Pet Sun and Nic and myself were interested, joined for some the jams and the rest is history. We just wanted to be in a band and play music like our idols.

Did you form the band with the idea of starting a stoner/doom rock band or was it a sound that fell naturally?

It was a sound that fell naturally for sure. Our sound before was very garage rock driven. Then over time it just got heavier and more doomy and stoner rock influenced and sounding. At this point though, we love the direction of the sound we are creating and totally embrace the darkness!

“Getting on well is our thing! Our music definitely reflects that. Although, I think our music also reflects our desire for intense moshing at our shows and chaotic crowd surfing”

Between you do you have a diverse range of musical influences?

We definitely do. We all bring our own style and influences to the music. There’s everything from The Clash to Sabbath to Bowie and Broken Social Scene, all the way to classical music.

What are your collective influences outside of music? 

Definitely our dogs. Our families. Girlfriends and our pals. Overall too, we just like to drink at our homes and hang out and have a good time, all of which influence our music. The usual day to day stuff too… like coffee in the mornings and Conan at night and nature and forests.

It’s that time of year were a lot of websites do an end of year summary of albums so in light of that could you guys give us your top ten LP’s from 2015?

Pet Sun, Pet Sun, Pet Sun, haha. Kidding.

So much good music has come out this year it’s so hard to choose. In no particular order these are the ones that come to mind….

Slaves – Are You Satisfied?
Dilly Dally – Sore
Fuzz – II
JEFF the Brotherhood – Wasted on the Dream
Kurt Vile – B’lieve i’m goin down…
Wand – Golem

Why these LP’s?

Everything about these LP’s are just fresh. All the bands are doing something new and between their riffs, melodies and hooks, it’s just appealing to all of us. We strive to make material that’s fresh and in our minds, these LP’s are able to do that. You’ve got everything from soft acoustic stuff that’ll make you think on a rainy day to stars and stripes beer drinking anthems. It’s the perfect balance.

After watching your video for ‘Never Quit’ I got the sense that as a band you get on well and like to have fun does this reflect in your music too?

Getting on well is our thing! Our music definitely reflects that. Although, I think our music also reflects our desire for intense moshing at our shows and chaotic crowd surfing.

Is any of your music politically motivated or have a serious meaning ?

It has more of a serious meaning than political I would say. Our songs reflect our moods and emotions, more so, which can sometimes be very serious. Like in the song Mrs. Warp. Then you have a song of ours like Gimme Your Soul which is more summer thrash garage fun times. Also, the only band that could ever pull of wicked political songs on the regular was The Clash. And we aren’t quite there yet, haha.

What is your opinion of recently elected Justin Trudeau?

Super happy with it! He seems like a down to earth leader and I think we were all ready for a fresh face to lead our country.

If you could sum up Canada and being Canadian in a sentence what would that sentence be?

Cold snowy winters with a dash of summer barbecues, fueled by beer and Neil Young serenading in the background.

When it comes to making music do you guys have an idea before you record or is it pretty free flowing?

It’s usually pretty free flowing. Someone will come to practice with a riff recorded on a voice note. Then we’ll just jam it out and add parts and make it into a wicked song!

What is the attraction of live shows for the audience and as a band what is the attraction of playing live?

For people coming to our shows, the attraction is you never know what you’re going to get, but you can count on it being wild. We feed off the audience. So one night someone will thrown themselves into the crowd and trash their guitar and the next someone will throw themselves off a drum set a throw beer on everyone.

The attraction for us to play live is just seeing people dig our music and mosh around to it. That’s pretty cool.

You guys have a US tour lined up as well as a a 7″ release December 4th can you shed any more light on this ?

On December 4th we’ll be releasing our 3 track EP called “Shade Driver” and then we’ll be touring throughout the whole USA in March with some friends. All the details are being finalized for that one but it’s going to be a fuzzy doomy good time.

Lastly what is in the pipeline for the future and can we ever expect a European tour?

We’ve got our debut album coming soon! And you can expect us in Europe within the next year. We’ve got some friends out there and we want to make it out to play so bad. We love Europe. Fingers crossed for summer 2016!