By Kieran Webber

The LA based indie punk horror kings have spawned on the music scene in a true dark fashion, from playing their first show and getting signed by Felte to then releasing the debut LP which has nothing short of a success, for such a young band.

Although the music is seeping in darkness the future is certainly bright for Sextile.

Check the review of the debut album ‘A Thousand Hands’

1. What is the meaning of your band name does it hold any significance to anything? 

It’s an astrology reference we thought was cool, and Eddie is super into astrology. 

2. Outside of music what was it that brought you all together? 

Various subcultures. A social scene much like the illuminati.  

3. Darkness is something that is mentioned when you are spoken about as a band why do you feel that is and do you feel that is fair?

Yes I think it’s fair, when retrospectively looking at the album. The truth is, we were not deliberately making “dark” music, or thought “how dark can this be?” It’s what came naturally but the lyrics and emotional inspirations came from very dark times. 

4. When working on new material do you guys have a routine or formula that you use/stick by?

Most of the material Brady writes by himself with the exception of “A Thousand Hands” (Wuebben, Keehn), “Smoke in the Eye” (Keehn, Scaduto), “Shattered Youth” (Keehn, Scaduto, Wuebben) and “Mind’s Eye” (Scaduto). The music always comes first, then the lyrical melody and rhythm from a stream of consciousness and later actual lyrics are written. But for the new album we’re going to try some new approaches.

5. Your first show ended up you in being signed by Felte I can imagine that was a pretty good feeling explain it to us? 

It really came out of the blue, a total surprise. We knew it was an important show but had no clue how important it really was going to be. Because of felte a lot more things have been happening to us very quickly and we are totally grateful. 

6. If you could explain your music in four key words what would it be ? 

Dangerous Pop from Outer space

7. What would you say are your influences to your music ?

The 39 Clocks for their minimal dark psychedelia. Death in June for marching heavy tom drums. Spacemen 3 for their drugged out two chord beautiful drone. Daniel Ash for everything that he has done. Throbbing Gristle for keeping it the weirdest and influencing weirdos to make art even weirder. Brian Eno, for being a mutant. 

8. Are there any particular idols/people who helped shape your life and direction you have taken in and out of your music ?

Ridley Scott. Baudelaire. Poison Ivy. Jim Henson. Howard Stern. Mike Kelley 

9. As an outsider to the West Coast of America it would appear that it is a pool of talent and freaks who together are creating one of the most thriving music scenes in the world, what would be your input on this and is this accurate? 

We’re pretty new to the music scene, but from what it seems there are a lot places to play, but only a few who cater to something cool. LA seems to be stuck on the 90’s mixed with the garage scene. In fact, we saw that American Apparel and Burger Records were opening a store together just earlier today. A scene we don’t relate to, it’s tired.