Interview by Kieran Webber

The Chase are one of the UK’s most exciting emerging indie rock outfits to emerge in the last decade. They’re young, ambitious and have a nostalgic yet fresh sound that is daringly contagious. It’s remiscent of Oasis and The Stone Roses but tailored for a modern audience.

Collectively the band had barely left primary school when they started as a trio, consisting of brothers Tyler (guitar and vocals) and Dion (drums) as well as their cousin Luke Childs (bass). It wasn’t long before their school friend James Cahill (keyboards) joined them to make the four-piece.

In a relatively short time the band have had massive success, playing shows throughout the North and getting shoutouts from the one and only Liam Gallagher.

Recently they shared their new single ‘Wondering’, a brit-pop inspired anthem that continues their thoughtful yet fun songwriting. Boasting their ability to craft a real ear-worm. With this in mind we wanted to find out more about these likely lads. So, we caught up with them to chat about their music, life in the north and much more!

Kieran: First off, thank you for taking the time to talk to us! How have you all been? 

TC: We’ve been great thanks! Cheers for having us on.

Kieran: How did you all meet and when did The Chase form?

TC: Tyler and Dion first met in 2000 when their parents brought Dion home for the very first time after he was born. As soon as Tyler held Dion in his arms and looked into his eyes, they both knew instantly they would be enemies for life. It’s fair to say Tyler hasn’t forgiven his parents since! Keeping it in the family, Mr Luke Childs is cousins with both Tyler and Dion and was recruited on bass when Tyler started the band at the age of 9. The line-up was completed when schoolfriend James Cahill joined in on keys back in 2017 and we haven’t looked back since.

Kieran: 2020 has been a wild year for us all but how has your year looked like? 

TC: If 2020 was a person it would be Boris’ hairdresser.

Kieran: How did the lockdown affect you creatively? Did you find you were more or less inspired? 

TC: Despite the world falling to bits we’ve managed to keep as busy as ever as a band which has kept all of us sane in these crazy times. Not being able to gig as often as we usually do has been killer for us but we’ve been working extra hard in the studio and we’ve got some really exciting things in the pipeline!

Kieran: Your latest single ‘Wondering’ is about finding escape from the strangeness of the lockdown and pandemic, in more normal times where do you find escapism and how has the current crisis affected that?

TC: None of us want to live a normal life so I suppose we find escapism in the band. It’s our life and the most important thing in the world to us so we could never let anything stop it. 

Watch/listen to ‘Wondering’ here:

Kieran: You have a clear influence from the Brit-pop era but what bands specifically have had an impact on your sound? 

TC: Although Britpop has had a huge inspiration on our sound we take a huge influence from 1960’s northern soul, rock and roll and psychedelia, all the way to punk, post-punk and indie! The Beatles, Rodriquez, The Sex Pistoles, The Smiths, T-Rex and Hendrix are just a few – anything loud and with a good chorus we love.

Kieran: It must be surreal to have been acknowledged by your childhood hero Liam Gallagher, how did that feel? 

TC: Insane! They say don’t meet your heroes but Liam was an absolute geeza. 

Kieran: When you first started did you ever think you’d be where you are now? 

TC: We’ve always had high ambitions as a band, enough is never enough. 

Kieran: Lastly, what can we expect from you guys in 2021 and beyond?

TC: We can’t say much for now but all we can say is to expect the unexpected and expect what can be expected…

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