By Kieran Webber

Introducing Austin-based Roger Sellers, aka Bayonne, who has signed to City Slang for the release of his debut album ‘Primitives’, due November 4th.

Sellers’ journey to Bayonne began when he was two years old, situated in front of Eric Clapton Unplugged at his home in Austin, Texas. “I’d just watch it over and over again,” he laughs. “I would get paint cans and bang on them, trying to imitate what I saw in the video. My parents got me a drum set when I was 6 years old and I became obsessed. I wanted to be Phil Collins for so many years as a child. He was my hero. I feel like you can hear that a lot in Primitives, that big drum sound, because so much of the way I play was learned from Phil Collins.

Listening to the first singleSpectrolite’ you can hear the influence from the likes of Phil Collins, from the deep percussion to the dreamlike vocals.

Listen here: