Words & Header Image by Kieran Webber

The Franco-American experimental duo have spent the past year making a name for themselves, touring across the EU and America. Each town or city they pass through leaving a mark thanks to their theatrical indie psychedelic pop experience that teeters on a visual art experience.

It’s as if Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison had two sons that went rogue within the artistic corners of Paris.

There is much to take away from the duo and many spheres of influence. They combine elements of post-punk, glam rock and contemporary R&B, as well as some disco elements. It’s a wonderful bundle of sound that is somewhat of a sensory overload.

We got our first does of Faux Real when they opened for Kikagaku Moyo at The Scala, London. Out came the two, dressed in white cowboy jackets and immediately began dancing in sync. It was a shock, I wasn’t sure what I was witnessing but I loved it. For those unaware it can be a confusing experience but it’s this spontaneity that makes Faux Real so interesting.

The whole project is a stimulating DIY experience, the duo (who are brothers) have total control on their artistic vision. From the music videos down to the music itself, this is very much their project.

After much waiting the boys have finally released their much awaited self-titled EP. A fascinating concoction of all the previously mentioned elements.

It’s with no doubt that these guys will be a common name within the touring circuit (once it fires back up again). Keep your eyes out for Faux Real, they’re going to be huge.

Watch the latest video for ‘Kindred Spirits’ here:

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