By Ross Jones

HMS Morris are a Welsh Art-Pop group that delve into the wonky, odd-ball side of psychedelia – finding the balance between bold experimentalism without giving up accessibility. With the title-track of their forthcoming first record, ‘Interior Design’, the trio impress with a curious four minute satire on domestic dullness.

With an undercurrent of post-punk edginess, the group toy with colliding synthesisers and cooing vocals and still manage to create something cohesive and alluring. It’s bombastic and elaborate yet something smarter than it makes out lurks underneath. The expressive performance of vocalist Heledd Watkins enhances the charming pop technique of the group, while her witty lyricism is a combination of tongue-in-cheek literacy and burning perception, altogether creating something with real quality.

An intriguing statement of an introduction, HMS Morris offer a middle ground between subtle pop and outlandish curiosity.

Listen here:


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