Alysa O'Connor
Alysa O’Connor

You’ll find her behind the lens at live music events, or expanding her ever-growing plant family.

Growing up in North London listening to the sounds of The 1975, Wolf Alice, and JAWS, singer-songwriter Sam Hong was fuelled by his inner circle’s rejection to pursue music as a profession. Hongza was born, a solo artist determined to reignite the worlds of indie, shoegaze, and pop.

Cathartic vocals, hypnotic basslines, lovely melodies, and relatable lyricism come together to create Hongza’s explosive, emotive and energetic tracks.

The indie artist is back with EP ‘Gen Z’, featuring the lockdown anthem ‘Accolades’ which received both a spin from Amazing Radio’s Charlie Ashcroft as well as coverage from the likes of Intune Music as ‘Track of the Day’, Indietronica, and Clout Magazine.

Also featured on ‘Gen Z’ is ‘Dream, Eat, Sleep’, Hongza’s latest Single release. Pioneered by Hongza’s cathartic vocals and underpinned by hypnotic bassline, ‘Dream, Eat, Sleep’ is an ode to the trials and tribulations of dating in the 21st century.

Listen/watch ‘Dream, Eat, Sleep’ here:

‘Gen Z’ taps into the highs and lows of maintaining online personas during the digital age, as well as the pressures faced by Gen Z kids in a more general aspect. Offering painfully relatable lyrics of life in the 21stcentury, Hongza offers ‘Gen Z’ an EP to blast at full volume in the bedroom after a particularly rough day. A truly dynamic backdrop blending both the indie genre’s warmth and shoegazes’ dark waves of angst. 

Keep your eye on Hongza, there is certainly much more to come from the promising artist.

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