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Mimi Bay showcases her genre fluidity and conceptually mature sound with recent release ‘far from home’

Multi-instrumentalist Mimi Bergman, known as Mimi Bay creates a delicate Gen-Z spin on age-old quandaries in her small Gothenburg apartment. 

The 20 year old Swedish singer, songwriter and producer began writing and recording at 14 years old before sharing her music online. It quickly gained traction on YouTube and her channel ‘Hi I’m Mimi’ grew to a quarter of a million subs and counting, and Bay currently boasts over 20 million streams on Spotify. 

Citing Frank Ocean, SZA, Solange and Zack Villere as inspirations, Mimi Bay released dreamy lo-fi pop EP ‘far from home not so long ago.

Following her ukulele-based 2017 EP ‘I Will Be Ok’, Mimi Bay has evolved from an acoustic, singer-songwriter who sings of young love and broken hearts to a more conceptually mature, young adult navigating life with new found self-assurance and understanding.

Rooted in nostalgia and offering fragments of experiences in Mimi Bay’s recent life, ’far from home’ is about trying to figure things out when home turns into your parents’ house and you have to look for it in new places and people. It’s about moving forward from childhood into adulthood and learning from the experiences on the way.” – Mimi Bay

‘far from home’ brings a whole new dimension to Mimi Bay. Offering lo-fi, jazz, R&B, soft pop all in a four track release, ‘far from home’ further showcases Mimi Bay‘s genre fluidity whilst still highlighting the soft, honey vocals that define Mimi Bay’s meditative soothing melodies. 

You can listen to Mimi Bay’s recent Ep ‘Far From Home’ here:

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