Introducing | Nawksh

By Kieran Webber

This experimental producer from Karachi, Pakistan is a man of many talents not only does he make surreal beats but he is also a video game developer. Nawksh (Danial Hyatt) is already being hailed as one of the most adventurously weird and important artists in the growing underground scene in Karachi.

His debut physical LP ‘Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II’ is set in the fantasy world of CERATYL, and is penned for release August 19th via Guruguru Brain, the independent Tokyo label run by Kikagaku Moyo.

Recorded in his home over the course of two months, Hyatt explains the ‘Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II’ as: “a labyrinthine series of stories I’ve been collecting and finding ways to connect since I was fifteen”.

“They are also a way for me to understand and express internal processes beyond music. One is coherent and follows its own rules. The other is purely symbolic and poetic. They have this way of feeding back into each other that culminates on a project like this.”

To help you understand Nawksh, you can listen to the ‘First Friend’ single (below),  an electro psychedelic adventure into the mind of Hyatt and his fantasy world.

Listen here:

Album artwork & Tracklist


1. Press Start
2. First Friend (Soundcloud / Bandcamp)
3. It’s Not a Secret
4. Down the Rodent Hole
5. Come On In, Smile Snatcher
6. Scoop Out The Brain
7. Wag
8. Where Would You Be
9. Dry Hug Good Bye
10. Exile & A Mirror (ft.SMAX)