Introducing | Sir Was

By Kieran Webber

Today, City Slang welcome sir Was to their growing family of innovative producers and share his debut single ‘A Minor Life’.

Sir Was is the musical journey of Joel Wästberg, documenting a wealth of unique & idiosyncratic influences. Growing up in the tiny village of Frillesås on the western coast of Sweden, he had an early career as a jazz saxophonist that led to studying in Gothenburg (where he lives now) and an influential time at the University of Kwasulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa. From there he started focusing more on drums, and immersed himself in discovering pan-African rhythms & sounds, traveling through Mozambique and Zimbabwe, finding musical inspiration all along the way.

‘A Minor Life’ acts as a soft introduction into the musical world of sir Was with a level of tranquility that few artists can achieve, brimming with energy and emotion.

Listen/watch here: