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Electro pop indie band The A.V Club have released the new single ‘Mistakes’. Fans of The 1975, Fickle Friends, Sea Girls and Wallows need to check the relatively new The A.V. Club out.

Beginning their journey in early 2019, The A.V. Club have been dropping their carefully crafted blend of nostalgic electro sounds and modern indie-pop. The band were originally influenced by the Netflix show, Stranger Things and has since evolved into the 80s synth and modern pop that they are today. After the successful release of their EP ‘Youthful Illusions’ which experimented with a variety of different tracks, all tied together with their distinct sound. The A.V. Club followed up with singles ‘Over U’ which offers a rockier take on their electro-pop style, and ‘Real Love’ which is not only a catchy track, but offers a deep, dancey bass which begs for a replay.

The first track of 2021, ‘Mistakes’ features synth melodies, a catchy chorus and an impressive guitar solo. This track offers a bittersweet, soaringly cinematic listen.

Dubbed the anthem for reckless young lovers, ‘Mistakes’ offers the story of somebody living with regret over a past relationship. Reflecting on the heartache and accepting their faults in the relationship ending, The A.V. Club offer an upbeat, positive spin on these experiences.

Watch/listen to ‘Mistakes’ here:

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