By Kieran Webber

Aaron Holm is a Seattle-based producer and musician writing and performing experimental ambient and electronic compositions deep in the depths of the Emerald City. His fascination with ambient came during 1996 travels throughout Southeast Asia, where he listened to tapes of Future Sound of London, Scorn, and Shinjuku Thief while riding on trucks and longboats in Vietnam and Laos. Upon returning to Toronto, he put together his first electronic music studio in a warehouse above a furrier in Chinatown.

Holm‘ music pushes towards more an art form as you don’t just listen to his music you experiance it, through the ambient and ethereal sounds he takes you on a journey or an adventure. Whether that be into yourself or to a ┬áparticular place, his music has an incredible way of creating animation of the imagination. It is the interesting soundscapes that he captures from his travels blended with his foreboding beats that create a warm and welcoming sound that is drowned in tranquility.

This month (July 29th) sees the release of his latest album ‘The Boy’, which sees him explore┬áthe violence and isolation of the inner city boy as he grows, detaches and himself becomes a father.

You can listen to the latest single ‘Little One’ here:


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