By Kieran Webber

Check out Manchester’s latest lo-fi pop sensation The Foetals, an artist that has managed to capture the relaxed vibe of The Beach Boys but retained the English twist with similar harmonies to the likes of The Beatles. 

The Foetals’ upcoming debut LP ‘Meet The Foetals’, is due on December 4 via PNKSLM Recordings on limited edition 12″ vinyl and as a special edition deluxe package.

PNKSLM Recordings will be donating the label’s share of the profits from the vinyl edition of Meet The Foetals to Cancer Research UK.

‘Meet The Foetals’ was recorded by Jolan himself in two days at his own small studio in the outskirts of Manchester, trying to find a middle ground between perfect 60’s pop records and the inept DIY sound of American private press LPs.

Listen to ‘The World Isn’t That Big’: