Photography by Josh Halling
Alysa O'Connor
Alysa O’Connor

You’ll find her behind the lens at live music events, or expanding her ever-growing plant family.

Taking the West Country by storm, and boasting a loyal fan-base, The Native have been breaking through the scene since their introduction last Summer.

The young Plymouth locals create infectious indie anthems, and aren’t afraid to speak out on heavy topics through their song writing.

The debut single ‘Chasing Highs’ was inspired by the tragic passing of a local school girl, follow-up track ‘Break Away’ focused on the young musicians uneasiness towards Brexit and 2020’s closer track ‘Frontline’ depicted the difficult realities of an abusive relationship. Each track offers a contrast of complex, emotive lyric with soaring melodies, surging guitars and a true indie-rock focal.

The first track to hit 2021, ‘Lost on You’ transcribes holding out for somebody who doesn’t feel the same way, and knowing that they never will as The Native explained.

A jumpy builder with impressive, strong vocals; this track grows in both intensity and depth with every listen. Instrumentals offering both light and catchy guitar riffs and deep, rocky drum hits and bass. The track really encompasses the feelings of wasted time, misdirected emotions and attempting to navigate and overcome difficult romantic situations that present themselves when least expected.

“Where are we going, what are we doing, where did I go wrong?”

Accompanying video showcases the last few months in The Native’s adventures; long pandemic walks, playful youth and lots of studio work. A fun and free-living array of clips that give you an insight into the lives of The Native, and a nod to their young, carefree, playful nature, which contrasts their mature and thought-provoking lyrics.

Watch the video for ‘Lost On You’ here:

The Native are already catching eyes and being tipped for success in 2021 with more releases in the pipeline for Spring.

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