By Ross Jones

Trickster Guru is the eclectic and genre-transcending project of Christopher Caplan, a multi-instrumentalist from California who, through near tragedy and time spent in the bluesy-vibe of the garage rock scene, has arrived at marked point in his life and career – an open-minded notion with primary focus on the importance of production and a penchant for theatrical expression.

At its most foundational level, Caplan delves in alternative pop – a metaphorical finger in many pies as the musician moulds jaunty guitar-pop with colliding synths and all washed down by the glistening pop production. ‘Act I’ of Trickster Guru‘s EP, ‘Problem Child’,  is formed of the title track and the introductory single ‘Feel The Spirit’, two sonically contrasting singles that incorporate tempered melody with theatrically delivered atmospherics.

An enigmatic prospect, Trickster Guru wears a mask of intrigue and liberal thinking, all the whilst delivering hooks that will encompass.

Mini-album ‘Problem Child’ is available now – listen to the latest single and title-track below.