Introducing | Tuff Slang

By Kieran Webber

Tuff Slang had one┬ámission when starting and that was to create a hook driven rock band that walks the line between southern twang, rhythm & soul, and their first single ‘Nothing All The Time’ has achieved this perfectly.

Having all come from different bands (Secret Colours, Dirty Rotten Sunshine, A Lull) and knew that this effort had to combine something that they each hold close in terms of influence. They drafted up song after song until they hit the mark on what it was that captured each of their personalities in the music.

‘Nothing All The Time’ is the first track that they wrote during their earliest rehearsals. It helped them realize the sound that they were chasing together and paved the way for each song written after. It is a glistening indie pop tune that will have your hips shaking and your head bouncing, a feel good track perfect for the upcoming summer nights.

Listen here: