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Gaby Mawson

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After releasing their EP, ‘When We’re Still‘ in 2019, ISLAND are excited to share their brand new single ‘Octopus. The song also follows the bands 2018 debut album ‘Feels Like Air’ which gave the four-piece band great success on radio as well as millions of hits on Spotify.

The single itself is nostalgic for ISLAND as they look back on their teenage years to write and produce ‘Octopus. It plays around with the balance between still wanting to act young and reckless but also wanting to grow older and wiser. The name of the song is a beautiful metaphor described by the band as “A world in which you might be persuaded to change yourself to fit in, like an octopus changes colour to adapt to its surroundings.”

ISLAND chose a basketball pitch on a beach setting for the ‘Octopus music video. The four of them were placed in a strange sort of living room with retro furniture on the court and presented themselves in a collection of stripy pyjamas. They then switched between scenes caring out doing daily routine tasks and performing which carried on until sunset.

This exciting up and coming band were touring the UK, Europe and North America as well as a number of festivals including SXSWReading and Truck before the pandemic hit. So now ISLAND look forward to the future where live performance will be accessible to them.

Watch the video for “Octopus” here:

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