Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Frenchkiss Records

London’s four-piece ISLAND is back with ‘Yesterday Park’, a follow-up to their debut ‘Feels Like Air’. Lyrically, ‘Yesterday Park’ is an exercise in nostalgia with the band saying “Nostalgia is a feeling that has become more relevant for everyone in the last year, with more time and space to reflect on past experiences.”

Musically, ISLAND sits comfortably somewhere between Circa Waves and The Hunna. As well as fitting into the modern-day indie-rock crowd, tracks such as ‘Do You Remember The Times’ and ‘Young Days’ have a more electronic feel to them. The producer of ‘Yesterday Park’ Mikko Gordon has also produced Thom Yorke and some of the more electronic beats like the aforementioned two tracks are reminiscent of ‘Kid A’ era Radiohead but with a modern-day indie twist.

‘Yesterday Park’ may not be a collection of songs you can lose your mind to at a festival but it is an album that is wonderfully deep and reflective, being pushed forward by emotive soundscapes and vocals. A feat that some would say is harder to achieve. Songs such as ‘We Used to Talk’ seemingly get the sentiment across before you even listen to the lyrics.

‘Yesterday Park’ is an album that flows beautifully and never sits still in one place. With great hooks giving way to interesting electronic tracks, ISLAND isn’t afraid to mix things up. Although they may have a sound that mixes with bands such as Sea Girls, The Hunna, Shed Seven, and more, ISLAND has a sound that is theirs alone. For an album that concentrates on the past, I can’t help but feel ISLAND have a strong future ahead of them.

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