Cornwall Shined For IVW At The Old Bakery

Words & Photography by Kieran Webber

As FacePaint took the stage i looked out from the green room and saw a jam packed room full of music lovers. People of all ages filled the venue with one thing in common, a desire to see good live music. They were about to be treated to a non stop buffet of talent from the nights line-up.

As I looked out I couldn’t help but smile as Cornwall once again proved it’s a hub for live music. It may not be as consistent as cities such as Bristol but there is a scene here that is growing in number by the day. This sold out show proved that. Not to mention three of the four bands are Cornish or have Cornish members.


Kicking the night off was the ever impressive FacePaint, a band that appear to be growing with every show. However, this is the tightest the young band have ever sounded. They are also carrying a well deserved confidence on stage, they are truly an exciting band to follow. Without hesitation the band exploded into their renowned flurry of percussion, shouts and transcendent guitar play. Throughout their set they danced eloquently between shoegaze, rock and psychedelia. The crowd went bonkers from the first note and it would stay this alive all the way through the night.

Next up was the ever exciting, ever ferocious and untameable Mother Vulture. A band that has been tearing its way through the south-west with relentless energy. Over the past year this band has solidified itself as one of Cornwall’s (if not the whole south west’s) most sought after band. Where ever they go it’s carnage, all that is left behind are the ringing ear drums of the crowd. This set was no exception, the band flew on stage and descended on the crowd like eagles. It was another spectacle of rock ‘n’ roll that saw them throw all they’ve got at the crowd. A frenzic barrage of riffs and screams bellowed through the Old Bakery to great applause. Mother Vulture truly are one of the most exciting live bands in the U.K.

Mother Vulture

The night took a turn in terms of sound yet the energy still remained as Argh Kid hit the stage. The Mancunian wordsmith/rapper changed the tempo but still carried the same energy. His bass driven, percussion led beats provided a hard hitting, funky sound. A sound that was backed by his poetry. Argh Kid was a master of crowd hype, getting everyone bouncing to his politically charged rhymes.

Closing the night off was the ever brilliant The Rezner, another band that have an incredibly bright future ahead of them. The band knew they had to bring their A game with this show and they did not disappoint. Over the years this band has truly grown into a powerhouse of indie-punk. Much like their friends The Velvet Hands they have mastered the ability to throw audiences into chaos with their music. Watching them feed off this is something to behold, the crazier the crowd went the more they did. It was wonderful to watch such a relationship blossoming between audience and band. It was proof that The Rezner have the ability to take the country by storm with their music. Keep your eyes peeled for The Rezner, they’re going places.

The Rezner

The night was yet another piece of evidence that Cornwall is a home for live music. We’re often the forgotten county, a place that a lot of people mock. This night was proof that as a county we can do it as good, if not better than anywhere else in the country. There is an incredible scene building and there is lots to be excited about. Congratulations for all of you for selling out the event, to the bands that performed their hearts out and to anyone involved in organising this event, that was truly an epic night.

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