By Kieran Webber 

Now and then a band will appear that shits on the statement that rock music is dead. One said band is Canada’s Joan Smith & The Jane Does.

Their latest single ‘Sunburn’ is a bombastic explosion of guitars. A pulsing riff bursts through whilst powerful vocals keep the tracks momentum. It’s a bold track that culminates with an array of sound, a true wall of rock n roll. Expect a large sound that demands to be heard.

Speaking on the track the band say that it is “an intense, danceable rock track about heartbreak and regrowth. Left on the side of a desert highway, exposed and ruined, accepting that healing will come with the ongoing absence of the ex-lover. However, with regrowth comes the dark hope that the heartbreaker will return to destroy everything once again. Propulsive beats, chugging riffs, and female vocals that veer from delicate yelps to near hysteric proclamations drive this song to its climactic, sudden conclusion.”

Listen to ‘Sunburn’ here:

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