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Josh Abraham

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Newbury’s very own, Joe Hicks, has been one artist to admire. There are many reasons why this is, but one crucial reason is because he is unafraid to let the emotions flow.

With his first full-length album, ‘The Best I Could Do at the Time’, out 23rd September, this new track continues on the themes touched upon in previous singles ‘Mirror Mirror’ and ‘One More Step’, which is all about searching for something better. It’s one that this writer and the masses can relate to with the current climate in mind as well.

The repeated line of ‘Love is all I need’ serves as a positive mantra in the face of adversity. This is the exact reason why Joe Hicks is truly an artist to keep an eye on. He produces beautiful music while keeping it real.

This new track is proof of all of this. Welcome back to the world of the talented artist.

Speaking about the new single, Hicks says: “‘Sail Away’ is a reminder to myself that regardless of what happens in my life and career, to love and be loved is the only thing that really matters. As soon as I had the intro chords, I knew that they felt like a beginnings of a ‘track one’, and so that informed how the rest of the song was written and recording was built up. It’s really nice to have the album open with those tension building strings, as it’s a colour palette I’ve never used before.”

Listen to the new track below!