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Josh Abraham

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Have you ever wondered what a nostalgia-drenched backdrop sounds like? Well, here’s your introduction. Welcome to Joe Hick’s world.

Having been an artist who is known for fusing pop with R’n’B, gossamer melody with liquid guitar work, it’s clear to see why listeners are loving Joe Hicks latest track.

The double-single was born out of frustration at not being able to do much over the past couple of years due to the current climate, which many of us can relate to. This was where the talented artist was able to embrace a deeper sense of compassion and also become the musician he is today.

With beautiful lyricism and wonderful beats flowing perfectly into any listener’s ears, this is something to admire. The artist explains “’Make It Home‘ became a song for a loved one to say, no matter where chasing my dream takes me, no matter how busy or far away I am, I’ll always be there for you.”

A simple, yet effective set of tracks is how the stories of Hicks‘ mind come to life. It’s a perfect look into what the upcoming debut album will be sounding like as well as a great insight into how the singer/songwriter crafts such sweet music.

At a time where people are craving deeper music and deeper lyrics, this is the perfect opportunity to dive into Joe Hicks’ music. It allows nostalgia to meet vulnerability in the best way.