The Heavy Hitting Duo From London Share New Single & Announce A Massive UK + Ireland 2021 Tour

The recognisable but search engine elusive band JOHN has recently shared their new single ‘A Song For Those Who Speed In Built Up Areas’, their first release since their second LP ‘Out Here On The Fringes’. The single will also see a physical release via 7″ on July 2nd via the band’s own Pets Care label and Brace Yourselves Records.

‘A Song For Those Who Speed Up In Built Up Areas’ slows the tempo in comparison with previous releases yet still carries the same weight and power. The percussion leads the way, leaving a gap for John Newton’s gruff vocals, whilst the guitar strikes in offering balance throughout the track. The pressure mounts as the track progresses, opening up towards the end into a cascade of thumping drums and frantic guitars. As always, JOHN brings that notorious energy. However, it has a slightly darker, more haunting aura.

Speaking on the track the band explain: “We had the title written down for quite a few years, and it seemed to perfectly fit the sentiment and structure of the music as lyrics. These words guided us to a narrative image: a driver who is so wrapped up in themselves and their journey that they don’t seem to realise that the car is slowly filling with water. I guess it can be read as a slightly barbed reminder to have a sense of responsibility within the world, especially amongst constant calls for individual self-improvement.” Adding: “Musically, the tempo is rather consistent, perhaps less frenetic than some of our past material, and we recognised and enjoyed this difference. Using ‘less is more’ as our mantra, we were interested in the way the track could gradually carve itself from a pretty constant groove, a bit like a car meandering on a long journey.”

Watch/listen to the latest single here:

In addition to this JOHN also announed a massive UK + Ireland tour (poster below).