By Kieran Webber

JOLÉ is the moniker of London based singer songwriter Joshua Oliver. over the past few years the artist has spent his time building a strong fanbase with a string of successful releases. His soft, subtle indie-folk sound has captivated fans new and old. In fact his debut album that was released last year has amassed over 2 million streams. He also found himself touring extensively across the U.K and Europe.

Since then the troubadour made his way to L.A, where he planned to begin his next chapter. It was this disconnect to home that inspired his latest single ‘Alpine Green’.

It’s a gentle body of music that is wonderfully heartwarming. JOLÉ subtle guitar strokes and harmonic vocals are nothing short of beautiful. His music has the ability to transport you to a different place, allowing you to ease back into your chair and relax. It’s a magnificent gift.

Speaking on the track Joshua says, “I wrote this song whilst being really home sick. The narrative is about experiencing something beautiful or uplifting that you wish you could share with someone that can’t be there.” He continues “It’s about feeling grateful in the moment but wanting someone you love to experience it with you also. However, in not being with
that person, holding them in your thoughts or in your memory can sometimes be good enough.”

Listen to ‘Alpine Green’ here:

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