Live Review | Jordan Allen @ The Hub, Plymouth

Words: Rocky Poole | Images: Ashley Wadey (Ape House Media)

The Hub Plymouth played host to northern lads Jordan Allen this Wednesday. The atmosphere was brimming with excitement, from start to finish the crowd had endless energy.


Running wild into the night, the lights go down, the speakers blare and Jordan Allen and the band set alight the stage with their electric presence. The crowd immediately throw their hands in the air, Jumping, dancing and head banging, the energy is infinite and the atmosphere alive. “Living the vida Bolton!” As we met up earlier with Jordan and the band we discovered their motivation was simply to “Big up Bolton!” Spreading northern soul, spilling from beer cans and reckless energy flooding from sweaty mosh pits! But in all seriousness, the band have a way with the people, their audiences vary from the young to the old, the lively and the reserved and regardless of who you are or how old you are, the band are guaranteed to put a beaming smile on your face and have you up on your feet dancing. This became increasing apparent as the night went on.


Within no time at all, Jordan’s classic, ‘Helter Skelter’ broke through the speakers and the crowd came together as one. Singing at the top of their lungs, arms around each other, completely captivated. On drums, Nathan exploding through the set with bass and rhythm, Danny the lead guitarist drawing us in with his pure energy playing a thousand emotions through the strings of his guitar, Kieran, bassist, simply remarkable and unique, keeping the band structured and grounded upon such a small stage yet expelling humongous sound, talent and charisma.


Jordan Allen and the band are undoubtedly four incredible friends, growing as one, with their own individual styles coming together as one to produce a remarkable, mature and totally inactivating sound.

We were lucky enough to have a quick chat prior to the gig with the band, here is a snippet of what went down!