Words by Em Marcovecchio | Header Image: Mindaugas Kairys

Discovering Jumanji just over a year ago, I was stoked to see their latest single release ‘Houdini’ glistening in my inbox. Jumanji are a sextet from Brighton, featured in our ‘Ones To Watch For In 2019’ article.

Jumanji are oozing with tropical pizazz, with beautiful harmonies and a powerful female vocal to tying it all together. Their latest release titled ‘Houdini’ touches on running themes of mental health and anxiety, two elements which are crucially important to discuss in this day and age. There is a huge social stigma and taboo around topics such as these, however through this slightly less upbeat but visually engaging tune the negative connotations are almost broken.

The fun indie nature of Jumanji makes them lovable and appealing, however opening up to the listener gives a much rawer edge which the target demographic can relate to. The artwork and musical tone fits with the existing vibe of the band, showing that perhaps mental health is accepted as normality too often.

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