Juniper Avenue is a four-piece hailing from Raleigh, Noth Carolina, USA. Although a young band, barely having left High School, they carry a mature and refined sound that a lot of bands strive for.

Having jammed out in their garage it wasn’t long before they decided to release their compositions out into the world. Now the band returns with the latest single ‘Disfunction’, a track that explores the emotion of being trapped in a broken relationship.

This emotive message is delivered in an indie-rock package that is driven forward by an upbeat rhythm section and flourishing guitars, not to mention daringly infectious vocals. It’s a similar sound to the likes of Hockey Dad and Skeggs.

Juniper Avenue is a band full of youthful confidence and they’re proving that they’ve got more chops than their peers. It is without a doubt that these guys have an incredibly bright future ahead, especially if they carry on with this caliber.

Listen to ‘Disfunction’ here:

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