By Kieran Webber

Most bands meet at University or through common connections but Juniper Nights are an anomaly to this equation as they met through a musician finding website. The band that consists of James Gallagher (Vocals/Guitar), Zach Wilmott (Guitar), Rob Crussell (Bass), and Tom Lindsay (Drums) create music that floats in the same ilk of Radiohead and The National with elements of post-rock bands such as Explosions In The Sky.

Recently the young band has shared their latest single ‘Antidote’ which carries the weight of a band that has been playing for years. Through the track you are introduced to a variety of levels that are all as intricate and delicate as one other. The guitar gently bounces off the percussion whilst the vocals melt across the main body the track, it’s thought provoking, tranquil and most importantly beautiful.

Listen to ‘Antidote’ here: