By Kieran Webber

JW Francis is a man of many talents. In fact, it’s almost hard to beleive he manages to create music whilst being an assistant to a Nobel Prize winner, a licensed New York City tour guide and murder mystery owner.

Recently the rising artist has signed to UK label Sunday Best Recordings and dropped new single ‘New York’, a homage to the bustling city.

It’s a sound that has JW Francis‘ signature all over it. Lo-fi vocals dance elegantly with jangly guitars and fast paced percussion. You are guaranteed to find yourself jiving and moving to the up-beat sounds of JW Francis.

Talking about the track JW Francis said “I’m a licensed tour guide of NYC. This place has taught me so much. I wanted to write an homage, but also express how I feel, which is mostly contained in the first line of the song ‘I’ll sleep when dead.'”

Listen to ‘New York’ here:

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