Photo credit: Daniele Mantovani

In life, there are moments that define history, chance meetings and encounters and one such encounter is the forming of groove laden group Kakawa. Consisting of three musicians who have roots across the globe, from Italy through to Japan, and Nigeria. This fusing our cultures and sounds has created a musical hybrid that has a global influence, specifically South America and Central Africa.

It’s a wide and fulfilling sound that they harness that is unified in message and noise. It’s a real fusion culturally and musically, making it a zesty concoction that leaves the listener wanting more of their delicious and interesting treats. Throughout their music you hear tribal percussions, drum machines, synths, and guitars, a wonderful blend that not only traverses through humanity but time, modern and traditional forming a musical bond.

Recently the collective have released their latest single ‘Ule Kusonga’, a vibrant, groove infused track that is layered in intricate guitar tones and subtle percussion. It invites you to move your body, grabbing you by the hand and throwing you into a cosmic twist. There’s so many tones to their music it’s easy to get lost in the maze of rhythms. ‘Ule Kusonga’ is an exciting listen that boasts the bands collective ability to fuse their music with a variety reverberations.

Listen to ‘Ule Kusonga’ here:

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