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Erratic and wonderfully indie-punk, KEG has brought us new earworm set to surprise and delight in every way possible. After previously playing with bands such as Squid, Black Country, New Road, and Leggs, KEG are making a name for themselves with new single and debut from the upcoming EP, ‘Heyshaw’.

Having recently signed to Alcopop! Records, KEG are steadily rising their way through the ranks with their infectious chaotic attitude and swirling maelstrom of instrumentation.

Talking on the new single, we hear from singer Albert Haddenham, who explains the origins of their debut single: “The first tune we wrote as Keg is a cheeky ditty about my mum’s family, growing up on Heyshaw farm in the Yorkshire dales and various RAF camps around the world, from Nidderdale to Kuwait, Kuala Lumpur to Driffield, Whippets to Frankfurters. The culture clash must have been quite stark. Musically the track was written at the height of our collective Devo frenzy, we are indebted to our Ohio forebears.”

Rife with rollicking drums and electrifying guitars, the lads have created an utterly captivating cut that acts as the perfect outbreak into the music scene. Their full-length EP, ‘Assembly’ is due for release October 22nd.

Listen to lead single ‘Heyshaw’ here:

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