Words: Lexi Goodland & Kieran Webber | Header Image: Lexi Goodland

Falmouth town was brought to life recently with the Kespos Art Gathering, a town wide day festival that had a variety of art classes and music. As is always CLUNKs focus was on the music and there was plenty of talent to be drawn too. The Killigrew Inn was to be the hub for live music and saw fantastic performances throughout.

Kicking things off was the recently formed S C I X N C E, an indie-pop outfit that blended a dreamy soundscape with ethereal vocals from Georgia Cummings. Following on from this was the poignant sounds of Luke Moss, an artist that tackles subjects such as mental health with incredible vigor. He invites the listener to join him on his crusade of it’s okay to not be okay.

The music continued throughout the day and gave us a delightful variety of sounds, from the up-beat rock of Lipstick & Lighters to the brass fuelled explosion of Horses On The Beach. However, it was the closing acts where things really kicked off.

Gork by Lexi Goodland

The Five-piece alt rock band GORK were by far a favourite act of the evening. Hailing from Bristol, these boys brought all the energy of the bustling city with them for a full on, unrestricted, chaotic (in the best way) performance. Pulling together elements of psychedelia and punk, whilst also maintaining an aura of radical weirdness, GORK had the audience riled up and ready for moshing. An incredibly memorable performance and an incredibly memorable band!

Up next were Bath based four piece The Shuks, mastering an alternative DIY sound, but admittedly struggling somewhat to maintain the same vibrant energy as GORK. Their songs were loaded with lyricism and resistance to conform to one genre, rather morphing across multiple genres to create a unique and unusual sound.

Closing the night off was the wonderful shoegaze punk, indie influenced sound of Ellie Bramhall as Plum Jr. whom never disappoints a crowd. With raw and personal lyrics about young love and mental health, people never fail to relate to each song, belting out chorus after chorus. Plum Jr. has already made a mark on the Falmouth music scene and I don’t see it going anywhere but up.

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By lexi Goodland