Photo credit: Nacho RIvera

The London duo Khaki Fever are only two singles deep but have the sound and confidence of a band that has been making music for decades. The duo consisting of Sam and Gio was birthed out of the 2020 pandemic, the world had been through enough and they wanted to give people a much needed groove.

Their debut single ‘I Got This Feeling’ established their harmonious vocals, use of brass, synths, and sultry atmosphere – something that is also present in their latest single ‘Quarter After Midnight’.

However, ‘Quarter After Midnight’ has a much more anthemic feel due to the extended bouts of energetic vocals. It’s a sassy release that almost comes out the speakers and snaps its fingers at you. This attitude is backed by the groove laden bongos and Santana esque guitars, it’s a real groove infused experience.

In their short existence Khaki Fever have managed to cultivate their sound and show real confidence, it’s an impressive thing to pull off. There’s no doubt that Khaki Fever will continue to up-lift fans new and old with their infused music. Keep your eyes on Khaki Fever, they’ve got a bright future ahead of them.

Listen to ‘Quarter After Midnight’ here:

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