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Khruangbin surprise us with a fourth release in their live performance series – ‘Live at Sydney Opera House

Khruangbin, the intrepid trio from Houston, Texas, is putting the final flourish on a yearlong adventure with a striking revelation: ‘Live at Sydney Opera House’ a double LP that epitomizes their unrivalled prowess in improvisation and iconic setlists.

This album, a testament to their mesmerising performances in November 2022, capturing the magic of three sold-out shows at the illustrious Sydney Opera House. The tracklist includes beloved numbers such as ‘A Calf Born in Winter‘, ‘Maria También’, ‘So We Won’t Forget’, ‘Shida’, and ‘Friday Morning’.

Throughout the year, Khruangbin has invited collaborators into their orbit, with talents like Kelly Doyle, Ruben Moreno, and The Suffers gracing their live recordings, making each performance a unique experience.

Known for their global tours and appearances at renowned festivals like Glastonbury and Primavera, Khruangbin’s music transcends world genres, blending elements of psychedelic rock, surf rock, funk, instrumental rock, and dub.

‘Live at Sydney Opera House’ is more than just a recording of live shows; it’s a time capsule that preserves the essence of a Khruangbin live experience. As they wrap up this chapter in their live production series, fans eagerly anticipate the next page in the band’s ongoing musical saga.

‘Live at Sydney Opera House’ is out on 1st December via Dead Oceans.

Listen to ‘People Everywhere (Shifting Sands Remix) [Live At Sydney Opera House]’ here:

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