By Alex Salisbury 

Kid Cuisine is a solo crossover project of shoegaze and 90’s britpop and the latest single ‘Something Better’ fuses the two together perfectly in a neat, but wavy, little package.

Kid Cuisine, better known as Andrew Farmer, is a well travelled multi-instrumentalist who’s toured with The Magic Gang providing percussion and keys as well as being the drummer of Brighton’s ‘slack-poppers’ Sulky Boy.

This latest offering is all off Farmers own back, having recorded, produced, designed the artwork and even shot the video himself. The single will be part of a two-track EP released via Flying Vinyl on 7” vinyl this October.

‘Something Better’ opens with a wail of feedback before the Stone Roses-esque guitar riff filters through the noise. Next drop the drums and the bass, with the guitar switching to a far more solemn and gazy style of sound.

The lyrics are quite washed out, but fit nicely with the general vibe of the track, almost singing the story of someone trapped in a Covid-19 lockdown: ‘I’ve been here for weeks now, something isn’t changing, like I thought it would’. Summed up with the chorus, ‘some days I don’t wanna wake up’, something a lot of us could probably relate to during our crazy quarantined months of 2020.

Overall ‘Something Better’ is a cracking laid back and slacked-out tune that’s certainly piqued my interest for more Kid Cuisine in the future.

Listen to ‘Something Better’ here:

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