By Kieran Webber

The lockdown and quarantine have been, for the most part, pretty shit. However, now and then a ray of hope comes blasting through. Today it is in the form of recently formed Kilo McClain, a multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn.

The debut release ‘Skateboard (A Quarantine Song)’ is a fantastic opener into the light-hearted and fun world of McClain. A sideways approach to music that is seen in the early King Gizzard material.

However there are multiple elements to the track, all are very enjoyable. The washed out, surf rock guitar matched with the psych folk vocals create a energetic, yet peaceful experience. It’s an uplifting number, and we could all use a little of that in these strange times.

The satirical response matched with the equally brilliant video make Kilo McClain an exciting artist to watch.

Watch/listen to ‘Skateboard (A Quarantine Song)’ here:

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