By Kieran Webber 

Hailing from the rain drenched West Coast of Canada is one of the most glistening, wonderfully vibrant examples of psychedelic-pop, Kin Kanyon. Their sound is a carefree approach to the sounds of the sixties and seventies, with strong funk elements. It’s a nonchalant experiance that is layered in dream drenched guitar and spaced out aura. They manage to look back to a golden era of music and still keep it very much a fresh sound.

Their latest single ‘Fauxtown’ is a vibrant example of their relaxed, psych tinged music. It opens with a slow building bassline that quickly transpires into a funk riddled groove, backed by ethereal vocals. The track is layered in psych tangents, with organ’s and transcendent guitar solos bursting through. It’s a joyful experience that has the listener itching for more.

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