Joe Day
Joe Day

To write about the people, places, and experiences on offer in this beautiful place is some of the most fun I’ve had in my short life, and I am always excited for the future of music in the South-West I’m a sucker for acts from far-off lands, but home is where the heart is right?

Bold, brash, and brimming with energy, experimental south-east London band Kyoto Kyoto has been building a reputation in their local venue scene for quite some time. Since 2019 the trio has gained a solid foothold in the underground scene with their ambition and heart, boasting spellbinding exhibits of ambient and experimental guitar music and a brash, Glaswegian punk-oriented energy at the forefront of their sound, some Krautrock and Berlin-techno sprinkled in the mix for the good flavourful measure.

It’s clearly been a long time coming for fans of the band to be blessed with something to digest outside of the sticky floors and sweaty halls of their most loved venues, and finally, the day has arrived. ‘Gaacher Blitz‘, the band’s debut single released via Blitzcat Records, marks the first step into recorded releases for the trio, and it does not disappoint.

Stompy, head-spinning, and fantastically streamlined, the trajectory of the track takes no time setting the tone – rapid stomping rhythms shake the track’s foundations as sweet mathy guitar melodies flitter above and gentle pads drifting in and out of sight. Soft Germanic vocal lines call the listener in until the tracks crescendos, descending into a chasm of dissonance and distortion, thrashing about in a joyous controlled punkish outburst. It’s something to behold and promises a strong start for the South Londoners.

Members Levent CeylenScott MacDonald, and Oscar James Arnell aren’t one-trick ponies either – a heady music video comes with the single, due to drop July 14th, meshing delightfully with the track in a visually avant-garde manner. Thick smokey visuals and distant flashing lights provide an experience that only solidifies the band’s reputation as a thoroughly intrepid and ambitious bunch. 

Keep an eye out all you Southeast enders, for these lads are undeniably off to a strong start.

Listen to ‘Gaacher Blitz’ here:

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