‘Play With Fire’ Released August 21st via Suicide Squeeze

Words by Kieran Webber | Header Image by Marco Hernandez

Californian desert rockers L.A Witch have today announced their second album ‘Play With Fire’ and shared reverb laden single ‘I Wanna Lose’.

The latest release is a flurry of rambling guitars backed by relentlessly cool vocals that breeze through, creating a fresh yet retrospective soundscape. It continues the bands fuzzed out, reverb-drenched psych rock sound.

Speaking about the track, Sade Sanchez said “‘I Wanna Lose’ is about feeling free and feeling stronger because you’ve lost everything and now you’ve got everything to win. It’s about being a punching bag in a martyr-like way, and losing a fight to move on.”  

‘Play With Fire’ was written on a tight schedule with the band doing the majority of it during January and February. The band went into a lockdown prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. “As far the creative process goes, this record is a result of sheer willingness to write,” says Sanchez. “When you sit down and make things happen, they will happen, rather than waiting to be inspired.” Lack of time and intense writing ultimately forced the band to explore new territories. “I’ve definitely learned that having restrictions forces you to think outside the box,”says Pai.

The latest album is likely to be a bold new journey for the young band and will see them explore a variety of sounds, from 60’s psychedlia, early 70’s punk through to the coke filled rock of the 80’s. ‘Play With Fire’ will be available August 21st via Suicide Squeeze Records. The first LP pressing is limited to 1,500 copies worldwide—1k on translucent yellow vinyl and 500 label exclusive copies on clear with red and black splatter. Both cassette and vinyl come with a DL coupon. Pre-order here.

Listen to ‘I Wanna Lose’ here:

Lyric video animated by Bradley Hale, using the album artwork by Future Shock.

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