La Palma was founded in 2019 by multi-instrumentalists Chris Walker and Tim Gibbon, who run the project from their homes in Washington DC and San Francisco. The project represents a creative pairing of two minds and two cityscapes. This is evident throughout their music. On the outside and through the aesthetic there is a tropical warmth, yet underneath is a colder sensation.

Their recent single ‘Forsythia’, which is taken from their sophomore album ‘Moonflower’ is a deep blend of electronic soundscapes that flurry and surround the listener, all the while harmonising vocals delicately hangs in the foreground.

There’s much to pick apart within the track, from the shimmering guitar, hypnotic drum machine, and subtle snippets of laughter and conversation. It’s a textured release that bounces delicately in the psych genre, yet remains fresh and extremely interesting. This is an intense track that offers uneasy tranquility making for a real atmospheric treat that has plenty of layers.

Listen to ‘Forsythia’ here:

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