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L.A’s Mystic Braves drop sunshine draped visuals for new single ‘Hanging On’, taken from their forthcoming LP ‘Pacific Afterglow’

Hanging On’ is the new single from Mystic Braves, a psychedelic/pop band from L.A. The synthy and summery song comes with an equally summery music video, complete with gorgeous L.A. scenery, road trips and young love.

The song has a nostalgic feel, with 80s synths and the bands’ look, as they show off in the video in between the sunny montages, comes straight from the 70s. The video is as L.A. as humanly possible and the band is well aware, leaning right into stereotypes of long mountain roads, desert sun and sunset walks on the beach.

The band has moved away from its psychedelic origins and with ‘Hanging On’, they give us a charming and catchy pop tune. The lyrics are simple but fitting over the jangly guitars and the fun bassline. The band say they are going for a “cleaner, shinier” sound on their new album and this is clear from the lack of fuzz and lo-fi sounds of their previous work.

The vocals are laid back but confident and the melody is very catchy. It’s a more poppy sound for the band but they nail it and sound right at home. This is a tune for the summer and it’s refreshing to see it released in the middle of winter. Put it on your summer road trip playlist.

Mystic Braves’ new album, ‘Pacific Afterglow’, will be released soon and the video for ‘Hanging On’ is out now.

Watch the new music video here:

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