By Adam Laver

Lauran Hibberd worked with producer, Suzy Shinn (Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Dua Lipa), during lockdown to create her latest single, ‘Boy Bye’. Lauran has already enjoyed lots of success, as she has been played on Radio 1 and toured with American bands, Hippo Campus and The Regrettes.

Lauran channels pop-punk heroes, like Paramore and Sum-41 in her new track, ‘Boy Bye’. After the sound of Lauran’s laughter, the song begins with a short drum fill, followed by a melodic guitar riff, which is reminiscent of Nirvana‘s ‘Heart Shaped Box’. There’s a melancholy feel to Lauran’s lyricism as she tells her ‘boy’“You’re lucky that I hate myself enough to give you everything that I set up.”

As Lauran explodes into the chorus, the instrumentation makes a huge impact, as the lead guitar plays a striking sound that pairs well with the lightning bolt that appears on the song’s artwork. There’s a feeling of Slash and The Darkness to the guitar, as Lauran seems to take influence from classic rock bands.

Lauran has spoken about the meaning of the song. “‘Boy Bye’ IS co-dependency; it has a scarily obsessive nature about it and is based on the need to ‘feed’ someone to keep them around,” explains Lauran.

I sort of battle with myself throughout the whole track, the same way you would in your brain when stuff like this happens and you try and justify it to yourself. There’s an odd strength in it though, and I think it’s noticing it and being able to say it out loud that gives it that balls to the wall sort of ‘get lost’ momentum. Also, BYE BOYSSSS!!!!”

Listen to ‘Boy Bye’ here:

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