Words: Kieran Webber | Header Image: Tess O' Connor 

In the past two years Lauren Ruth Wards music has spread across the world like wildfire. This is no doubt to her vulnerable yet empowering songwriting and fiery attitude. Her music carries a similar weight to those famous powerhouses of the 60’s like Janis Joplin. It’s raw, emotive and backed by a swirling array of guitars and percussion.

The latest single ‘We Are Grown Ups’ encompasses all this brilliance into one bundle. The song tackles the emotion felt during an argument, trying to figure out the other side. Sometimes though it doesn’t work out and it’s best to just part ways in disagreement, as Lauren puts it “life ain’t always peaches and cream.” Throughout the track we see a wide vocal range from Lauren, portraying a variety of frustrations, it’s a snippet into Laurens life.

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