By Kieran Webber

Le Junk first caught our ears with the hip shaking single ‘Romance’. It was a sultry, overwhelmingly cool release that lured us in. It was a wildly contagious debut that solidified his confidence and sound.

Now the multi-instrumentalist returns with the thumping new single ‘Level 3’. As expected Le Junk continues his pomp and exuberance through his music.

Reverb drenched vocals breeze through a fuzzed out guitar. All the while a deep bassline runs riot in the background. This breaks down into vocal harmonies around the chorus, creating a real groove infused rollercoaster of a track.

Speaking on the track Le Junk explains: “It’s about all the false ideals we often become obsessed with along the way that ultimately have a negative impact on us. The video is a physical representation of this idea (a world of bare-knuckle fighting to the death for money), whereas the song lyrics depict the more common scenario of moving too fast in a relationship eventually leads to break-up. Our fixation on solely thinking we have to achieve certain things in our lives often makes us lose sight of what is genuine and why we do what we do in the first place.”

With each release Le Junk becomes more alluring. His sound is one of the most exciting to emerge in a while. Not to mention the accompanying visuals to his singles are top tier.

Watch/listen to ‘Level 3’ here:

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