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Willow Shields
Willow Shields

London’s least professional music photographer and journalist, can be found most evenings in your local small venue drinking vodka lemonades and being told secrets.

Legss are all that a band should be. Poetic geniuses are with an air of irony, who make you feel like you’ve just got off a literal rollercoaster after coming down from one of their shows.

On the first date of their first headline tour of the UK, they began in the home base of London’s Windmill. Gracing us with their intoxicating presence. After equally enthralling and suspenseful performances from roscoe roscoe and Butch Kassidy, arguably the latter more providing us with the suspense aspect. Butch Kassidy have a knack for building tension in any room they play in, and the long anticipated legss-windmill headline was no different.

The Windmill now packed to what feels like breaking limit, friends are made of strangers and legss take to the stage. Their immediate explosion of beautiful chaos hitting the couple of hundred faces in front of the band leaving all eyes transfixed forwards. They never fail to put on an immaculate show, but this one is different somehow, maybe it’s the energy in the room or maybe the band simply keep getting better and better. A mishap with frontman Ned Green’s guitar leaves the band, not as a loss, but seamlessly fitting a jamming session into their set as a member of Butch Kassidy donates their guitar for the rest of the show, as they play it off like that was their grand plan all along. 

Their performances feel more than…it’s just that: a performance. It’s not just four people playing instruments on stage, it’s a feeling, it’s a story. Seeing legss is like going to an art gallery at exactly the right time, in exactly the right mood and seeing a piece of art that makes you cry. They have the ability to strip you down to just a shell of a person and build you back up piece by piece, song by song until you’re left completely absorbed by their music. 

Legss are simply put, one of the best bands around at the minute. At least one, if not the best band I’ve ever seen. They have enough edge to feel like you’re cool when you’re at their shows and enough jabs in their songs to make this ‘writer’ chuckle. Yet they leave the stage and they’re nice enough to give you a hug and thank you for coming afterwards, even though you’re scared shitless because they’re the coolest people you don’t know.  Poetic masters, musical geniuses – and from what I can gather – amazing people, legss are the best band in the world. 

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